Business Onboarding Survey​ - FareEats

This voluntary survey allows us to learn about and address the challenges facing small and medium sized businesses. The data from this survey will never be shared with any 3rd parties, without explicit permission from the business owner(s).

The Pitch - for drivers pitching restaurants:

1. Ask to speak to the owner. If the owner is unavailable, ask for their contact information (name, phone, email) to schedule an appointment.

2. When the owner is available to speak to you, introduce yourself (feel free to change your pitch at your discretion):

My name is ____ and I am with FareEats – a new delivery service similar to Uber Eats but only charges a 5% service fee. – PRESENT THE FLYER

As part of our launch, we’re conducting a vital economic survey to understand how businesses are doing and how we can help them perform better.


Proceed to the survey below. Once the survey is submitted, they will receive a follow up call from FareEats.

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