Personal Pension Plan

Bringing small businesses the gold plated pensions of big corporations for a fraction of the cost and with way more write offs, features and benefits!

 7 additional tax breaks over RRSP reserved to Mom and Pops

There are several other dynamic features of this superior flexible personalized pension plan…

> Greater annual deductions

> Terminal funding to enhance the basic pension. “Terminal funding” is lump sum retirement funding financed by money the individual’s employer/corporation sets aside for them at the time they retire.
> Corporation can make tax deductible contributions to assist in the purchase of past service. “Past service” is where the plan is being changed to retroactively increase the benefit formula based on income tax act pension rules.
> Tax deductible “special payments” if the assets of the pension don’t return 7.5%.
> Interest paid to lenders for contributions made to the PPP are tax deductible
> Administration, trustee, actuarial fees are tax deductible

– Pension assets are protected even in a bankruptcy

– Unlike RRSP, PPP allows you to deduct management fees. 

– A pension program that actually pays for itself (via tax breaks). 

– HST-Free unlike RRSP

– PPP guarantees you pass your money to the kids and loved ones tax-free. The PPP saves you the cost of probate fees which can be millions of dollars from the value of your estate upon death. 

– Unlike RRSP, PPP allows you to contribute more and accumulate wealth much faster. Instead of paying the money to the CRA, you keep it set aside for your future.

– PPP allows you to get a lot more back on your taxes through Canada revenue agency credits 

Bottom-line, you work hard for every dollar and you want to be confident in your strategy to reach your retirement goals. Your ideal retirement lifestyle is possible.  Rest assured, the personalized pension plan is best in class, more flexible, more tax efficient, cheaper administratively, and allows you to accumulate more wealth faster in a safer creditor protected investment vehicle. With no competitor currently on the market, this one of a kind customized ideal pension solution will help you confidently prepare for your future, manage risk of losses to bankruptcy, and ensure a larger legacy is left to those you love.



The PPP is a combination registered pension plan under section 147.1 of the Income Tax Act (Canada). The Personal Pension Plan ™ is a stable, creditor-protected solution that allows incorporated professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, franchise owners and consultants to reduce their risk and increase their wealth by enjoying the superior tax advantages of a pension plan.


The Personal Pension Plan ™ (PPP) offers the immediate benefit of extra allowable contributions, as compared to an RRSP. That benefit becomes increasingly significant as it compounds, but is only one of the many advantages that the Personal Pension Plan ™ (PPP) delivers.


Why own this solution?

Maximum Annual Contribution Limit$26,230 to $43,076*$26,010.00
Robust Creditor Protection✗**
Tax Deductible Administration & Investment Management Fees
HST 33% Credit Refund
Deduction of Interest on Borrowing
Broader Investment Options
Full Service Administration
Ability to Make Additional Tax Deductible Contributions During Market Volatility
Ability to reduce contributions (Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution Option)
Fiduciary Responsibility (Compliance)
*Increased Contribution levels are dependent on age of plan holder.
**RRSP may be protected by the Insurance Act of Ontario.

The table below summarizes the additional tax deductions that PPPs offer to business owners beyond the tax assistance permitted under RRSPs:

Type of DeductionApplicationWho Claims the Deduction?Typical Amount of Deduction
Buy Back of Past Service (1 time)Used to fund the cost of enhancing the pension benefits promised to the member by retroactively ‘buying back’ years of credited service.


Can be amortized over time.

$30,000 – $200,000
Terminal Funding (1 time)Used to fund the cost of enhancing the pension benefits of a member who decides to retire early and seeks to index the benefits to inflation.


Can be amortized over time.

$55,000 – $900,000
RRSP Double Dip (1 time)In the year that the PPP is established, Member can claim a deduction for the PPP and their RRSPMember.

$5,000 to $25,000

(Will depend income of Member in the year 1990, if any)

Annual Contributions (current service cost)Contributions exceed the RRSP maximum limits every year and keep growing with age.Corporation, but could also be 50% Member and 50% Corporation. Special rules for DC account.$660 to $15,000 more than the RRSP Max.
Deductions for fees (including Investment Management Fees)

Permitted under Income Tax Act

Section 18(1)(a)

Corporation.Varies with quantum of fees under the plan.
Interest on borrowed funds to contribute to PPPPermitted under Income Tax Act, under general interest deduction rulesCorporation.Varies with quantum of interest paid to lenders (if any)
Special Payments (every 3 years)Applicable when assets in the DB component of the PPP do not yield the prescribed 7.5% rate of return expectation.Corporation.Grows with the size of the liabilities and depends on actual rate of return of assets in pension fund.

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