Join The Team Taking On Uber AND Lyft!

We trust this message finds you well!

To expedite our launch, we’re opening the ability to join the Founder’s Club to all for a limited time.

We are committed to transparency by monitoring and reporting on the use of funds, ensuring you are informed about how your contributions are supporting our goals.

Where efforts will be invested:

  • Rideshare Liability Insurance: To operate across the U.S. upon reaching our funding goal.
  • Rideshare Licenses: To acquire necessary licenses in key states, including California, Texas, and New York.
  • Platform Development: Continued investment in our technology for scalability.
  • Marketing: A professional press release at launch to secure significant media coverage.


Why Your Contribution Matters

Your support is crucial. It enables us to enhance our infrastructure, innovate services, and provide a compelling alternative to existing options. The overwhelming driver support has propelled us to move forward without delay.


How to Contribute:

Contribute by selecting your preferred option below, clicking “Add To Cart,” and completing your payment with any major credit card.

Thank you for your dedication and support. Together, we will shape a successful future for Fare Co-op.


Warm regards,

The Fare Co-op Team

Starter Contributor - $25

A foundational level for those who want to support the initiative and gain initial membership perks.

Bronze Supporter - $50

Offers enhanced recognition and additional benefits beyond the Starter level, suitable for committed early supporters.

Silver Partner - $100

A mid-tier rank providing significant privileges and increased influence within the co-op.

Gold Patron - $250

High-level support with premium benefits, including special acknowledgments and exclusive updates.

Platinum Trailblazer - $500

The highest tier, designed for top-level investors interested in maximum engagement and influence, offering the most extensive benefits and recognition within the Founder’s Club.

Executive Leader - $500+

Place any amount towards our goal of taking on Uber and Lyft face first in the fight for gig workers around the world.