Energy Savings Program

Fare.Coop, in partnership with the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association and ECNG Energy L.P. has created Ontario’s largest energy wholesale program for businesses, corporations and residential/commercial units. Our energy group buying program has been in place for the last 30+ years, used by all Ontario hospitals, thousands of restaurants, hotels and hospitality institutions. Now, all businesses, as well as residential corporations (e.g. condominium complexes) can apply.

How do we do it? We purchase energy as a large group – this allows us to get better rates from all energy providers in Ontario. How better? Depending on how long you are willing to commit (1-year, 2-year and 3-year contracts with your existing hydro provider), you would be getting up to 40% off your monthly bill!

The Energy Program applies to businesses, residential buildings (where hydro is included in the maintenance fees) and commercial buildings, plazas, etc.

How will this affect your current bill? The beautiful part is our deal applies to ALL energy providers in Ontario. You will continue to receive bills from your current hydro or gas providers, with our special group rate applied. Everything else remains the same!


The goal of the program is to provide you with lower energy costs, thanks to our group buying power.  This program eliminates quarterly fluctuating prices from your local utility and also helps you avoid higher retailer pricing.

How much can you save? Let’s look at the numbers…



Restaurant, bar or grocery store

Small hotel

Medium-sized hotel with 2 pools and a convention center

Annual Consumption, kWh

Annual savings

Annual Consumption, kWh

Annual savings

Annual Consumption, kWh

Annual savings



Our Energy Program Offers:

✓ Cost stability 

✓ Customized strategies for businesses 

✓ All members can participate as we leverage our group buying power to reduce our costs

✓ Simple billing – no change to your bill or energy provider is required, as we only apply the group discount

✓ Exclusive Energy Account Manager who will walk you through an easy 3 step sign up process

Who can participate?

Most businesses and corporations registered in Ontario can participate in the program. This also includes condominiums, nursing homes, office buildings, plazas, clinics and medical care facilities and others. To discuss your case and find out how much you can save through this program, fill out the form below or call us at 1-800-668-8906 ext.335


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ORHMA is a “not for profit” Ontario association representing foodservice and accommodations dating back to the 1920’s. It is the largest provincial hospitality association in Canada, representing over 11,000 independent and corporate business establishments. ORHMA’s Provincial and Regional Board of Directors are comprised of industry representatives from all areas of the province.

ECNG Energy is Canada’s largest andlongest standing provider of energy management solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets. ECNG Energy headquarters is in Burlington, Ontario. Founded in 1987, we service a variety of Canadian clients across the country, with whom we have long-standing relationships. Our holistic approach to end-to-end energy management delivers the highest value to our clients every day.

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