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Híbrido Corporativo/Cooperativo
Transporte compartido y entrega

El primero del mundo

Hybrid Corporate/ Cooperative Ride-hailing & Delivery


On February 14, 2024, Fare Co-op announced the soft launch of our rideshare in Los Angeles!
Join the thousands of drivers in LA who have already registered as members of Fare Co-op and download the app that supports both drivers and riders!

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Ride With Fare Coop

Ride with Fare Coop and discover a ride-hailing service like no other! Save at least 20% on every ride, while supporting the driver-owners and their families.

For Riders:

For Drivers:

Order food with FareEats!

¡Apoye a los conductores y negocios locales haciendo pedidos con FareEats!

A las empresas se les cobra solo una tarifa del 5% en comparación con el 20-35% con las principales aplicaciones. Los conductores ganan el 90% de los gastos de envío.

Descarga la aplicación:

FareEats For Drivers

Únase a una cooperativa que sea justa para todos los conductores. Haga clic en el botón a continuación y siga las instrucciones para solicitar una membresía con nosotros.

Already a member?
¡Comience a entregar ahora!

Descarga la aplicación:

FareEats for Businesses

Únase a un servicio de entrega propiedad del conductor que apoya a las pequeñas empresas con solo una tarifa de servicio del 5%. Sin tarifas ocultas, sin trucos.

El futuro del trabajo por encargo

Nuestra misión es asegurar el futuro de millones de conductores y trabajadores temporales en la nueva economía, permitiéndoles ser dueños de su plataforma, asegurando su futuro a través de la propiedad cooperativa, con mejores salarios y mejores condiciones de trabajo.

Through the co-op model, we will be able to finance driverless vehicles and robots for our members to own, securing their future in the age of automation.


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Own Your Future!

In today’s rapidly evolving world, we will employ these self-driving vehicles to ensure the drivers of today are not left behind when automation becomes the new reality. By employing this new technology, the livelihood of millions of people will not be in question but rather, they will be able to prepare for the age of automation by upgrading their existing vehicles to self-driving cars.

Programa de referencia

Recomiende nuevos miembros (empresas o conductores) y obtenga ingresos residuales de cada transacción. Por cada referencia, obtendrá un ingreso residual del 15% de las ganancias netas de cada una de sus transacciones, ¡de por vida!

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febrero 23, 2024

Fare Co-op’s Chairman, The Rideshare Professor, Leads a Viral Global Uber Strike Revolution

Global gig worker Valentine's Day Strike has gone viral in over 25 cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New...
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julio 14, 2023

Disrupting the Disruptors: Fare.Coop/Local Driver Co-op Federation Halts Robotaxi Rollout in San Francisco

Driver-led cooperative effectively postpones the launch of Cruise and Waymo's autonomous vehicles, advocating for drivers' rights and welfare
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junio 28, 2023


TORONTO, June 23, 2023 — Direct Global’s pioneering efforts in spearheading and financing multi-stakeholder cooperatives are reaching new heights as they announce the start of Fare.Coop/Local Driver Co-op’s Series A funding round. The ambitious goal is to raise $26 million, enabling the expansion of their innovative services to major urban centers like Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and others. This expansion aims to reach tens of millions of consumers through Fare.Coop’s disruptive federated cooperative model, which is comparable to the transformative impact of VISA on the financial industry in the late 1960s, leading to the largest IPO in American history in 2008.
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