Support the Movement: Help Launch Fare Co-op in the United States with Your Contribution!

Dear Valued Fare Co-op Member,

We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits.

We have received messages from many drivers, who are willing to help fund the last $100k needed for insurance, background checks and basic marketing, to launch Fare Co-op in California immediately. As you may be aware, to date we have invested, in cash and in like, close to $3.5 million through Direct Global (the parent company for Local Driver Tech) and some of our expert co-founders, such as Torsten Kunert, the Rideshare Professor and chairman of Fare Co-op, contributing close to half a million himself.

Since this summer, we have been actively out there raising funding for our initiative. This has proven to be a bit of a challenge, as most investors don’t understand how they would be investing primarily in an entity, which owns only 20% of the federation and makes only 5% of every ride/delivery. While most are very interested and eager to invest, for them to feel comfortable, they would need to see live examples showing what the profits would look like in both ride-hailing and delivery, knowing well that our evaluation would become even greater. While we have demonstrated success in our food delivery operations in Canada, we need to also show successful experience on the rideshare side in the USA.

The Proposal

The one-time membership fee after we launch will be $100 (where you will earn 90% of each ride/delivery). To expedite things and not just be waiting for investors to act, we’re now extending a unique pre-launch offer to you, our valued members, to join this effort at specially discounted membership rates:

Option 1: Secure your lifetime membership with a one-time contribution of $50 (instead of $100).

Option 2: Opt for a flexible contribution of $25 now, and pay $50 after we launch.

Transparency and Accountability

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in such endeavors. Therefore, we are setting up a monitor to track and report on the allocation and impact of every contribution. This will ensure that you are always informed about how your investment is being used to bolster our collective efforts.

How the money will be used:

  • Rideshare Liability Insurance: as soon as we reach our goal in member contributions, we will purchase an insurance policy that will allow us to operate our services throughout the United States.
  • Rideshare (TNC) licenses: we will purchase licenses to operate in those states where we have exceeded our driver membership goals. These include: These include: California, Minnesota, Oregon, Florida, Texas, New York, and others.
  • Platform development and upgrades: your contributions will allow us to continue investing into the technology and much needed upgrades to ensure our scalability.
  • Basic Marketing: proper press release upon launch using a brand name PR company, ensuring we get a lot of free earned media on the major networks.

Why Your Support is Vital

By standing together and contributing to this cause, we can build a stronger, more competitive Fare Co-op. This initiative will enable us to enhance our infrastructure, develop innovative services, and most importantly, offer a compelling alternative to our competitors.

Your support is vital so we can launch our operations immediately. We have been inundated with so many messages from drivers offering to contribute, that we have decided to launch this initiative without further delay.

How to Contribute

You can contribute by clicking “Add To Cart” below next to the contribution you wish to make and completing the checkout. We accept payments with all credit cards.

We thank you for your continued dedication and support. Together, we can create a brighter future for Fare Co-op and its members.


Warm regards,

The Fare Co-op Team

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