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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we new?

While new to the United States, FareEats originally launched in Canada under the name Direct Local Eats (www.directlocaleats.com) in November 2021, first launching our operations in Guelph, Ontario and after a successful 6 month trial, we then started delivering in Toronto and the GTA. Following our successful proof of concept, we are now launching FareEats to the US market.


FareEats is powered by Direct Global/Direct Co-ops, a technology company founded in 2013 as a buying group for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them consolidate their purchases to lower their purchasing costs, leveraging our group buying power. After helping the Kensington Market community in Toronto in stopping a Walmart from opening and destroying hundreds of small businesses in the neighborhood, we launched an online group-buying platform (www.directcoops.com). For more information about Direct Global/Direct Co-ops, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1cDh-BtEsQ

How are we different from the competition?

FareEats is a driver-owned platform, meaning that drivers are owners, not employees nor contractors. This means our drivers set their own rules and policies through a democratic voting process – one member, one vote – as per the 7 cooperative principles.


While the platform is similar to other major delivery apps, we made it better and fair for everyone – businesses, drivers and consumers. Businesses are only charged 5% per transaction (as opposed to 20-35% with the major apps), with no additional or hidden fees. Drivers and couriers get 90% of the delivery fees with equity (1 share) through a local co-op setup in their city, with equal voting rights, annual dividends and residual income through our referral program (earning 15% of the profit from each transaction completed, whether by businesses or drivers that they refer). Consumers get to save an average of 15-20%, thanks to our low service fees. Our customer service is always guaranteed to be the best, since drivers have a stake in the platform.

When are we launching across the US?

FareEats will launch in each city upon reaching the minimum number of drivers required for the launch (1,000 drivers for each major city, or proportional to the size of the population).

How do I become a driver/courier for FareEats?

A: The first step is to become a member of our co-op. Please go here to register as a driver: https://www.directcoops.com/customer/account/create/

B: Then, download the driver app from the following links (or from your app store):

iOS – https://apps.apple.com/app/fareeats-driver/id6444660592

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fareeats.driver

C: Finally, upload your documents at: https://fare.coop/upload-documents/

How much do drivers make with FareEats?

We charge customers $1.53 per mile or a minimum of $4.99 (below 3.1 miles). Drivers receive 90% of these fees and 100% of the tips.

How do I accept jobs with FareEats?

Please review our driver app tutorial: https://fareeats.coop/page-pickup-instructions-for-drivers

Do we provide insurance?

Not at the moment. Delivery couriers driving a motor vehicle must have current auto insurance (drivers must provide their documents including proof of valid insurance to deliver for FareEats).

Do we provide delivery bags?

Delivery bags and other merchandise is available to our members at a low cost at: https://www.directcoops.com/shop/driver-necessities

Delivery bags are REQUIRED to deliver for FareEats.

Can drivers deliver alcohol?

Alcohol delivery is subject to local state laws and regulations.

How far do we deliver?

The delivery distance is entirely up to the business owner. Trips can be both short and long, with the drivers being compensated per mile.

When is our rideshare going live?

Our rideshare app, Fare.Coop, will go live as soon as we hit the minimum of drivers we need to launch in any N. American city, at which point we will be able to obtain the appropriate license. Our current focus on the launch of our delivery platform FareEats will establish the foundations for the successful launch of our rideshare platform.

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